Hyperhidrosis is also known as excessive sweating, it is a condition that usually occurs most commonly in the palms of hands, soles of feet, scalp, face, and underarms, however, it can also occur in other parts of the body such as the back, in the groin area and/or underneath the breasts. This disorder can impact you on a daily basis, interfering with regular activities and causing you embarrassment. Most of the time there is no underlying health condition. This type of excessive sweating is referred to as primary hyperhidrosis and occurs when the nerves responsible for triggering your sweat glands become overactive. Luckily, there are options to help stop and maintain this condition. Our lead medical aesthetician, Cuc was born with this disorder and have been living with severe excessive sweating on both of her palms and feet since infancy. She is very knowledgable and can provide you with her take on living with this condition and Fractional RF treatment for excessive underarm sweating.

Fraction RF decreases underarm sweat using radiofrequency energy combined with microneedling. This procedure targets and reduces the size of sweat glands, it doesn’t completely destroy the sweat glands but can significantly improve the excessive sweating.  The treatment involves topical numbing agent being applied on the axillary region for 45 minutes, followed by 30-45 minute procedure of Fractional RF – the Fraction RF is moved across the armpits as the microneedles penetrate the skin at different depths and deliver bursts of radiofrequency energy.

| Axillary Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Underarm Sweating) $600 OR Treatment Series $1500 | 


  1. How many treatments do I need? We recommend a series of three treatments to achieve complete sweat resolution. Some clients will have desired result with only one treatment. This varies based on individual factors and cannot be precisely determined. 

  2. How are the treatments spaced? Treatments are spaced 3 weeks apart.

  3. How long does the treatment take? Numbing takes around 45 minutes. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes.

  4. Is the treatment safe? Yes. Fractional RF is safe on all skin types and is much more gentle to surrounding tissue. The radiofrequency energy closes the microchannels as the microneedles releases from the skin. Before and Aftercare instructions will be provided to all clients to follow for proper healing. 

  5. Is the treatment painful? No. The area is numbed with topical numbing agent prior to the procedure, however, some clients may feel a little discomfort closer to the end of the procedure. 

  6. Is there any downtime or recovery? No. Patients can return to work or light activities right away. Swimming, excessively sweaty activities and sauna are to be avoided for the next 48 hours. Before and Aftercare instructions will be provided to all clients to follow for proper healing.

  7. What is the aftercare for this treatment? Before and Aftercare instructions will be provided to all clients to follow for proper healing. We will go through the Instructions with you at your appointment

  8. When will I notice the results? Some clients notice a difference within days or weeks following each treatment. Full results will be achieved after the series is completed.

  9. How long do the results last? This treatment produces somewhat permanent damage to sweat glands and is long lasting. Some clients return for a maintenance treatment within 8-12 months, and most find that they do not require further treatment for years – if ever.

* Please Note: We are highly trained certified technicians and not medical professionals. For any medical advice or opinions, please consult with your family physician, a doctor and/or medical professional prior to your appointment or before undergoing a procedure. Results cannot be guaranteed due to individual body types, health conditions, diet, healing, skin type etc.*

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