Collagen Infusion Therapy is also known as microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy is a skin rejuvenation procedure that uses micro-needles to create thousands of perforations in the skin. These micro-channels allow topical products to penetrate deeper and more easily into the skin. This treatment can help improve and reduce the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation/sun damage, stretch marks and acne scars.

Our Treatment include:
– 3 full passes with hyaluronic acid serum OR serum is selected based on skin & treatment type and clients preference.
– to minimize discomfort a numbing agent  is applied prior to treatment.
– treatment is practiced with digital machine and micro-needling/meso cartridge. Sterile and Single use only.
– cooling mask & aftercare kit.
– please come makeup free.

This treatment can be applied to face, neck, décolletage, arms, hands and abdomen, it can also treat certain scars, but not limited to;

– Skin rejuvenation
– Scar reduction
– Acne scarring
– Fine lines, wrinkles and skin tightening
– Thickening the dermis and epidermis
– Pore size reduction
– Hair loss therapy
– Stretch marks and decrease the appearance of cellulite
– Hyperpigmentation and Improve skin tone

The Meso/micro needle cartridge is a sterile and safe needle cartridge that is designed specifically to allow safe and effective intrusion of active serums and its active substances, without any pain into epidermis. These cartridges are equipped with a small hygiene plate with 12-13 stimulation points to open the skin gently and provide a consistent flow of active ingredients into the skin, also known as the micro-channels. This provides the skin with moisture and stimulate the regeneration of the collagen and elastic fibres by stimulating the fibroblasts and encourages the body to release platelets and growth factors to micro-wounds by naturally produces more collagen and elastin by generating new skin cells. The regenerating of new skin cells peaks at 14 days after treatment, and it is recommended to repeat micro-needling treatment between 14-30 afters. – We recommend waiting 4 weeks after your treatment to book your next treatment. 

We allows 1.00mm – 2.50mm penetration of the needle beneath the surface of the skin. The depth and speed of the device will be adjusted throughout treatment to ensure maximum results. The Serums used are customized to your skin type and specific skin concerns.


* Please Note: We are highly trained certified technicians and not medical professionals. For any medical advice or opinions, please consult with your family physician, a doctor and/or medical professional prior to your appointment or before undergoing a procedure. Results cannot be guaranteed due to individual body types, health conditions, diet, healing, skin type etc. When booking a procedure you release all liabilities *

Price is subject to change without prior notice