WHAT IS THE STRUCTURAL REMODELING SYSTEM? The Structural Remodeling System (RMD) is also known as the Skin Remodeling System (SRS) is nonsurgical technology that has been designed to remodel your skin making it healthier and more youthful, and helps combat anti-aging.

SKIN REMODELING SYSTEM (SRS)*Patients participating in clinical trials of the SRS are found to experience an obvious improvements within a couple of months, with up to a 75% decrease in wrinkles around the eyes and a 85% improvement in overall skin tightening.

You can have smoother, firmer and tighter skin with the Skin Remodeling System at RustciGlo, a revolutionary skin rejuvenation technology that can prompt fresh collagen growth in the deeper layers of the skin, it also stimulate the renewal of cells and tighten muscle tissue using Electroporation/HVPC also known as Electric Muscle Stimulation, that allows the skin to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Less lines and wrinkles
  • A gental lif for saggy cheeks
  • A tauter and firmer neck
  • Less apparent or eliminated saggy skin and jowls along the jawline
  • An increase in dermal thickness
  • Restored muscle tone
  • A subtle increase in fullness that helps to regain more youthful appearance

*all in a series of skin rejuvenation sessions each lasting up to 30-45 minutes.

Face $150|Package of 6 – $810|Package of 8 – $1020|Package of 12 – $1440
Neck $125|Package of 6 – $675|Package of 8 – $850|Package of 12 – $1200
Décolleté $150|Package of 6 – $810|Package of 8 – $1020|Package of 12 – $1440
Face & Neck $250|Package of 6 – $1350|Package of 8 – $1700|Package of 12 – $2400
Neck & Décolleté $250|Package of 6 – $1350|Package of 8 – $1700|Package of 12 – $2400
Face, Neck & Décolleté $375|Package of 6 – $2025|Package of 8 – $2550|Package of 12 – $3600
*Facial: Anti-Aging $195 – See Facials for more details


  1. What should I expect during my treatment/session? In each treatment/session, you’ll be treated to a single technology that is actually a combination of five technologies that have been scientifically proven to “reverse” the effects of aging in your skin. A blend of High Voltage Pulsatile Currents (HVPC), Ultrasound, Impulse Micro-Currents, as well as Electroporation and Iontophoresis currents are necessary to address the effects of aging. A gel that contains
  2. What does these 5 technologies do?
    – High Voltage Pulse Current (HVPC) repairs and renews muscle fibres to positively affect muscle tone and suppleness.
    – Electroporation also known as High Voltage Short-Pulsed Current (HVSPC) helps to increase the absorption factor of the skin, stimulate tissue repair and also increase the cell membrane permeability.
    – Ultrasound boosts collagen production for tighter and more elastin in the skin.
    – Impulse Micro-currents lifts saggy muscles and increase production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that energizes the cells to maintain repair and renewal.
    – Galvanic is also known as Iontophoresis current allows therapeutic energies to penetrate the skin at a deeper level than other technologies, which allows the skin to better obtain the full benefits of treatment with this skin tightening device. 
  3. How many sessions are required? We usually recommend 6-12 consecutive treatments, either 2 tx weekly or 1 tx weekly for maximum effect. This will also be dependent on age and required results for the clients and the lifestyle are key factors un the number of treatments. Once we have reached your desired goals, we highly recommend monthly maintenance treatments to continue your results. We also offer this treatment combined with a facial this would be a great maintenance choice – See Anti-aging Facial for more information.
  4. How quickly will I see results? From the very first session, the skin gets firmer and starts to show an improved texture.
  5. Are there any side effects? Most clients do not experience any side effects and any skin reaction usually resolves within a few hours. Clients face can sometime feel a little warm after the treatment, but this is normal and will resolve itself within a couple of hours. This treatment is for all skin types and can be carried out effectively all year round including summer months too.

* Please Note: We are highly trained certified technicians and not medical professionals. For any medical advice or opinions, please consult with your family physician, a doctor and/or medical professional prior to your appointment or before undergoing a procedure. Results cannot be guaranteed due to individual body types, health conditions, diet, healing, skin type etc.*

Price is subject to change without prior notice