Laser Genesis delivers gentle laser energy to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness such as Rosacea to diminish the signs of aging for beautiful, brilliant skin with no downtime. This procedure can reduce active acne breakouts, acne scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne. It can also deliver a healthier complexion with smaller tires, more even texture and a youthful glow. Results from Laser Genesis treatments are cumulative. We recommend a series of 4-6 Laser Genesis treatments to achieve an optimal outcome. Some patients may required more treatments depending on skin conditions and types. Improvements are gradual and will be seen over a period of few treatments. Results will continue to improve for months after the last treatment. To sustain results over time, ongoing maintenance treatments are encourage and will be discussed during your consultation.

Face or Neck $200|Package of 3 – $540|Package of 6 – $1020
Décolleté $250|Package of 3 – $675|Package of 6 – $1275
Face & Neck $350|Package of 3 – $945|Package of 6 – $1785
Face, Neck & Décolleté $550|Package of 3 – $1650|Package of 6 – $2805
Customs – Consultation is required for pricing

*Consultation is highly recommended to see if you are a candidate*


  1. What is Laser Genesis? Laser genesis is Cutera’s signature skin rejuvenation treatment –  This technology delivers micropulses of energy to the skin safely. It’s a lunch time treatment. Quick, comfortable with no downtime. Laser genesis helps to stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, reduce pore size, reduce facial redness and gently remove unwanted scars. It is safe on all skin types.
  2. What are the benefits of Laser Genesis? Laser Genesis refines skin texture, shrinks enlarged pores, reduces wrinkles, stimulates collagen production for thicker, firmer skin, improves acne scarring, calms a red or ruddy complexion, lightens age and sun spots, and other pigmentation irregularities, addresses sun damage, and promotes healthy, vibrant skin.
  3. What can I expect during treatment? This is a comfortable procedure that can be performed over your lunch break. Skin is cleansed and the laser device is passed over the treatment area. Laser energy targets skin abnormalities, without harm to healthy surrounding tissues. You may feel a tingling or slight stinging sensation, but no anesthetic is needed. There is little risk of complications or side effects – generally just a bit of pinkness that resolves quickly. You are free to resume normal activities right away. Expect subtle results after the first treatment, and increased improvement in skin quality with a treatment series of 3 – 6 weekly sessions.

*Please Note: We are highly trained certified technicians and not medical professionals. For any medical advice or opinions, please consult with your family physician, a doctor and/or medical professional prior to your appointment or before undergoing a procedure. Results cannot be guaranteed due to individual body types, health conditions, diet, healing, skin type etc.*

Price is subject to change without prior notice