I am Sunny and I empower people to thrive in their relationships and live happier and more meaningful lives. – The basis of any healthy relationship starts with the relationship with the self. 
I spent years living a life that society deemed as ideal but wasn’t truly happy. I got the university degree, the marriage, the kids, the white picket fence, the fancy car etc. This did not lead to the promised happy land. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and lived a very wonderful  Iife; to be honest, this confused me even further as to why I wasn’t happy.
Up to this point, I had lived life according to others and what they needed from me. I had lost myself completely. Nothing felt right, I had lost hope for the future and just felt stuck. I craved freedom from my current life but felt imprisoned by it. I didn’t know how to even ask for help. I was paralyzed .This is when I began my journey into healing and discovering who I truly was. 
From the moment we are born we are taught how to act, how to feel, what to believe. As a child we know what feels right and what doesn’t but that too gets distorted by what others say. We quickly stop expressing emotions that are considered unfavourable. 
It goes on and on till we get completely detached from our true self.  This is the point when we find ourselves living a life that feels dissatisfying.
My healing journey led me to delve into spirituality, psychology, childhood trauma, relationship theory, among others. Becoming self aware has been truly life changing for me. Instead of hiding and feeling shame for what I was going through, I felt liberated. I started observing the thoughts that were looping in my head. I quickly realized that most of them weren’t even mine. 
Psychologists believe that by the age of seven, most of our patterns of behaviour, our belief and our habits are formed. These beliefs are mostly shaped by our primary caregivers. So for the rest of our life we use these beliefs to guide us through life. Our positive beliefs help us achieve the things that we want. Our limiting beliefs hold us back from what we truly want. The important thing her is to note that your beliefs can be changed, they are not set in stone. Once you become aware of your subconscious thoughts you can change the programing. 
Let me help you discover your authentic voice and your truth so you can life the life your desire.